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A Brand New Way of Communicating

Provide detailed information without the need for long-winded explanations. And do all of this without the need to manufacture a prototype of your product. Our solutions allow you to further boost your customer’s opinions of your products via astounding images and stunning graphics.

Imagine the pain of having to explain a highly technical product as simply as possible. It’s not easy, is it? It takes a lot of skill to communicate difficult concepts with text, and most of the time it ends up with your clients falling asleep. Even in the best case scenario, it’s unlikely that they’ll fully understand what your product does and how it works with just words.

Smart business owners understand that in today’s age, the most successful companies are those which are able to communicate clearly with their customers and clients. How well your clients understand your product can be the difference between a successful launch or a complete failure. And with growing competition in all sectors, it’s important to make sure that any message you send to your clients is simple and effective, conveying all the important information in a manner which is easily understood. We’ve all heard the saying, ’A picture is worth a thousand words’. And what better way to show off an intricate, highly technical product than through visually appealing 3D images. Use our solutions to advertise your products with full 3D graphics and high-performing diagrams. Convey your products’ benefits in a whole new manner using our Monospect M3D Graphics Engine. Show how your product is assembled. Bedazzle your clients with images of your product in action.

Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR&AR)

It’s now possible to let your clients closely interact with your products like never before. Instead of letting them imagine what the final design might look like, how about building a fully interactive, powerful, 3D model which they can examine in detail? By doing so, you can build a greater understanding of your brand and show off your product lines more clearly and effectively.

Advancements in technology have led to the creation of many new ways of interacting with each other. The average person today spends more time than ever on their smartphones and tablets. You’d have to be a fool not to take advantage of these new methods of advertising. And Monospect’s 3D marketing and communications solutions will give you all the tools you need to engage with your target audience in a whole new way, on their tablets, phones or the web. You’ll be able to let your clients experience stunning visuals no matter what form of communication they may be using.

Sector-Oriented Solutions
Architecture and Construction

Rest assured and truly confident that your developments, structures and design ventures are easily accessible on the web even during the formation stage. Give a fresh transition to your marketing strategy by taking advantage of realistic 3D images, floor plans and attractive layouts. This decision will enable you to achieve a stronger digital footprint.


Provide a model of discovering the human body with the help of interactive medical animations which will give you a unique navigating experience. Apply any amount of features to draw attention on various levels, from the very basic molecular one to the more appealing and complex layers.


Benefit from the usage of 3D imagery and specific real-time tools intentionally created to provide the ability of inputting your personal touch over a range of selections. Also, one has the capability to make these special tools available to the fingertips of millions of tablet and smartphone users across the globe.


Allow your brand's popularity to easily reach new heights by advertising your products in an original manner. This is achieved through the particular development of games across diverse platforms which are precisely formulated to cater for your business requirements and preferences.


Through your digital sales platforms you can provide your customers a more specialized and efficient way to represent products. This enables them to view them more clearly by applying state of the art functionalities together with the integration of various other features to enrich the digital sales experience. Naturally one can expect more satisfied and recurring clients as a result.


Our solutions in this sector aim to successfully obtain a well-balanced combination of virtuality versus reality representation of academic material. This is expressed through the application of 3D virtual educational environments while delivering a realistic approach geared towards improving your memory of a particular subject. An approach of educating while at the same time offering an enjoyable visual experience is an integral component of our business solutions.

  • Content delivery with M2C cloud services via tablet, smartphone and web
  • Photorealistic 3D imaging and experience
  • 360 ° product introductions
  • Indoor and outdoor freewheeling
  • Integrate 3D content into virtual brochures, brochures