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What We Expect From 2015

At the end of the year, many people celebrate their achievements throughout the year. For many others, it is a crucial time to wish their friends and loved ones good tidings in the coming year. Still, many others use the final days of the year to list their expectations and resolutions as the New Year unfolds. With such a trend surrounding the closing, and festive days of the year, it is no surprise that this period is accompanied by lots of positivity.

A recent Twitter sentiment analysis on December 31, 2014, confirms this discussion. In this analysis of tweets about what people wished for their friends and their relatives for the New Year, Monospect analyzed 623 tweets.

Of all the analyzed tweets, 82.66 percent were positive tweets or contained positive words. To make the analysis easier and ensure that the data could be grouped, the data was categorized into keywords -or specific words. From the analysis, some of the most frequent and repetitive words in the tweets included happiness, peace, health, money, love, beautiful, serenity, good and sufficiency.

Happiness was the most used word in the tweets and appeared in approximately 32 percent of all the tweets- perhaps showing that many people expect and wish happiness for their loved ones. The second most common word was 'serenity’ as it appeared in over 20 percent of all the tweets.’ It is a general term which refers to a state of being untroubled, peaceful and calm. Surprisingly, money and love were not very frequent words in the scanned tweets making for just above 5 percent of these tweets. Possibly, money isn’t the source of happiness after all.

Note: The information we gathered from Twitter was completed automatically and without any interaction by our system. The accuracy rate of this method is 70%.