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How Hopeful Are We About 2017?

Using our advanced Twitter analysis software, we analyzed 12,000 tweets which discussed expectations and wishes for 2017. Our analysis used a data range which covered a 4 day period from just after Christmas, starting on December the 26th 2016. We examined all tweets which we had determined to be relevant, looking for keywords to in order to identify whether they discussed 2016 and 2017 in a positive or negative light, in addition, we also analyzed the data to determine whether it was discussing expectations of the future or just more general well-wishing.

Given how eventful 2016 has been with uncertainty throughout Europe and America it might have been expected negative sentiment to be rife but over 80% of the relevant tweets spoke of 2016 in a positive light. Results dipped slightly to almost exactly 80% for 2017, however this still shows a high level of hope for the coming year.

When we look at tweets only addressing expectations rather than general holiday messages however we see a somewhat different picture. Although positive sentiment only dropped slightly, negative expectations for 2017 saw a significant rise, something perhaps unsurprising in the face of a world that feels at times to be growing ever apart.

The accuracy of our algorithm is approximately 70%.