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What We Feel About Banks in Turkey

Everywhere you go it's most likely you will come across a bank especially here in Turkey. Banks makes our lives easier by providing us with a convenient way to safely keep and withdraw our money. However some banks seem to better offer services that meet clients needs compared to others. In our quest to find out what we feel about our banks in terms of services we get we conducted a Twitter survey.

So how do we feel about our banks? We carried out a survey on Twitter to find out the answer to this pertinent question. A total of 3272 tweets made up our survey based on tweets that were sampled with a success rate of 70%. Our sentimental analysis came to the conclusion that Fibabank was the most negative tweeted bank with words like "boredom", "strike" and "problem" being frequently used. Odeabank and HSBC finished second and third respectively. On the other end Şekerbank was the least negative tweeted bank. Out of the 3272 tweets that were sampled 1323 tweets were negative which is equivalent to 40.43% of the total tweets.

In terms of level of engagement with clients Akbank turned out to be the most popular bank with the most number of tweets. Garanti and İş Bankası were second and third respectively. On the other end Fibabank had the least number of tweets. Şekerbank, Odeabank and Fibabank had 38% of the total tweets.

Like most companies looking to meet the needs of their clients, banks have turned to Twitter to offer customer care to their fast growing customer base. This is due to the fact that Twitter offer us with an incredibly fast and easy way to send and read tweets in real-time making it the ideal platform to answer customer queries. Based on these information we saw Twitter as the best place to conduct our survey which saw that Fibabank was the least favourite and Akbank is the most the most popular.

Note: The information we gathered from Twitter was completed automatically and without any interaction by our system. The accuracy rate of this method is 70%.