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All About Sentiment Analysis

Humans are biased individuals and assumptions are very important to them. And a sentiment, is the opinion, attitude, idea, judgment or feeling towards someone, something, a product, location or regime. Having the ability to connect, interact and collaborate with people on this level, can result to many advantages for information systems and organizations.

What’s Sentiment Analysis in General?

Though mostly refereed to as data mining, sentiment analysis is the process of evaluating spoken or written language to derive the opinion, attitude or mind-set of a speaker. It involves use of sophisticated software and technology to determine the emotional state of an author when speaking or writing. Is there any benefit of sentiment analysis? Getting to know exactly what consumers think of you or your products cannot be an easy task by just plainly reading through comments, likes and dislikes. Sentiment analysis is very since it helps you know what customers dislike and like about your brand, or help spot changes in public opinion concerning your business.

Sentiment analysis is extremely useful to grasp customer feedback from social media, advertisements, banners, call centre agents, your website and lots of different sources. This technology goes beyond likes, dislikes, comments or reviews and determines the intended emotional communication behind specific individuals.

Monospect Advanced Sentiment Analysis Services

We understand how meaningful an honest judgment is to any organization. Using our own sophisticated algorithm-based sentiment analytic tools paired with text analytics, we at Monospect, will ensure your company the best and most accurate results.

We cover all-round from social media to your customer service. We dig deeper and evaluate keenly every post, like comment or review and look at quality metrics behind the tweet, share or re-tweet. We help companies actively listen to their audience and identify which information or message is being portrayed, complains or preferences.

We have a special 24/hr support desk for our clients with a friendly hospital team. Feel comfortable to contact at us at any time and learn ow to grow your businesses positively from your customers.

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