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Perfect software needs perfect design

Progress is not limited to technological advancement, but is a result of the whole ensemble of technology that intercommunciates and comes to meet consumer needs. The experience that a user lives in an application, a software or a website is called User Experience, or, in short, UX. At Monospect we have an experienced team of UX designers, who give their best shot at every project they attend.

Of course there is a person who builds this UX, and is called quite fairly predictable and logically, UX Designer. It can also be found under the name of Usability Consultant or Customer-Centered Design Specialist, although these terms may involve actions and responsibilities somewhat different from our study and positioning.

UX Designer is responsible for interpreting and understanding user behaviour and building GUI-based information architecture (IA), hence the name Information Architect , but this name is slightly wrong or rather incomplete. Why? Since IA is only one component, forming UX, and more specifically, one that addresses how information is structured in a system, while UX designer thinks the whole system.

UX focuses on ease of use, perception of value, utility and, not the least, efficiency in performing actions that meet certain specifications and achieve the defined goals and objectives. Here we speak about all the system components that are associated with the sub-systems. They consist of groups of actions such as process control or paying a registration process or one information.

Monospect is a relatively new player on the UX market, but we already work with various international players. We help them build a better experience for their customers, and to overcome any barrier they may have set by developing extensive applications. Facebook is one of the most hard-coded and popular application on the Web, and it's only due to its perfect UX why is loved by everyone.

If you have a company set in USA or Europe, then we would love to get in touch with you and speak about your dreams and ideas. We strongly believe that we have what it takes to make them come to life!